When You Just Missed Your Goal

Two seconds. Two out of 7,301 seconds. That’s how close Kenenisa Bekele was to breaking the marathon world record in Berlin yesterday.

For runners like me, that is heartbreaking. At 2:01:41, he can still run a marathon TWICE as fast as my personal best. And when he crossed that line, he looked elated. Until the announcer said “… missed the world record by just two seconds.” Then, his face filled with despair.

How often do we accomplish amazing feats, only to put ourselves down because it just wasn’t good enough? Or maybe someone else had to point out that it just wasn’t good enough?

My clients and I talk a lot about goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. For Bekele, he had to be the one to decide what was smart. “People were saying my career was over,” he said after he won the race. “I believe I can go faster.”

And yet, how often do we let other people tell us what is attainable? What is realistic? Are we really listening to ourselves, or are we letting others’ expectations set our reality?

True strength comes NOT from winning, but from knowing yourself well enough to push for greatness, and accept accomplishment when you know you could not have pushed any further.

Constant. Progression. Forward.

Whatever your goal is this week, remember to celebrate even the smallest step forward. Keep YOUR goal in perspective. Don’t let others’ expectations set the tone. And most of all, keep moving forward.

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