Your Amazing Body

The body is amazing. When functioning properly, it consists of 30-40 TRILLION cells cooperating together to allow us to move, think, interact and live. Calling it “a well oiled machine” is a simplification. However, the prototype fits. Because like a machine, it can quickly shut down if not properly maintained. And like a machine, having the right fuel is fundamental to making it work.

I like to think of food as fuel for our bodies. Yes, food should be pleasurable, and we might eat more than we need, but ultimately it is a necessity: the foundation in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We simply cannot live without it.

And somehow we have managed to manufacture innumerable types of food. Whether plucked from the ground, taken from an animal, or created in a laboratory, humans have found a way to fill their need for food in uncountable ways.

Primitively, we were hunters and gatherers. Before we started making our own machines, we consumed the simplest forms of food: raw fruits and vegetables, fish (if near water), an occasional animal. Then we got creative. Have you ever wondered who invented bread? I mean, whoever looked at a strand of wheat and thought, “if we grind this up and make a paste and then bake it, we could eat this.” The idea of using a basic “machine” (stones to grind flour) and mixing the flour with water to create a paste, apply heat, and have a new food, goes back around 30,000 years! Because bread was portable, compact, and could feed large numbers of people, it became a driving force to the development of civilization as we know it!

Today, our factories produce much more complicated foods. Additives, preservatives, and cheap ingredients have enabled us to literally feed millions of people for little money. Yet the further we get from “real” food, the sicker we seem to become. Could we have crossed a line, where something that was intended as nourishment has actually become the opposite?

The next time you sit down to a meal, take a look at what is on your plate. Can you tell where it came from? Is it comprised of simple ingredients? Would your grandmother recognize it? If the answers are “no,” consider whether it is the proper fuel for your “machine,” your amazing body.

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