Let Me Coach!

It was a good day.

It started out rainy. Then it rained even more. The kind of cold rain that gets into your bones and keeps you chilled, unless you are moving fast enough and continue to move forward.

I got to the Let Me Run 5K early. At first, I was worried that none of my boys would show up. We discussed this at practice, and many had said that their parents would not permit them to go out in bad weather. They didn’t want them to get sick. So when I saw the rain, my expectations dwindled.

But then around 8:10 the first kid showed up, then another, and another. In all, we had 10 of our 12 expected runners. They were excited and motivated to run! Some of them had done a 5K before, but several of them had never experienced an organized race like this. The excitement was growing as we lined up at the starting line.

We didn’t have the fastest team, but we had a TEAM. What started as a bunch of unruly pre-teens, sometimes slapping or teasing each other, merged together as a group of boys on a mission. The mission was to see each other at the finish, to get the medal, to have done something outstanding.

Let Me Run boys are courageous enough to be themselves, they push themselves to be fit in mind, body & spirit.  Wait, isn’t that what holistic health coaching is all about?

Let Me Run boys are loyal friends who encourage and support others. They trust in teamwork, unity, respect and perseverance.  Perseverance in attaining their goals.

Let Me Run boys are honest with themselves and with others. They choose what is right, never settling for what is easy. This is the turning point when most of us get “stuck.”

 This program has taught me a lot that I can incorporate into my own health coaching practice. First of all, we all start our journeys with a little self-doubt or even fear. Can we do what we say we are going to do? Are we ready for this? What happens when it gets tough? How important is it, really? How bad do we want it? What if it hurts?

As in a 5K, there are times in life when you want to quit. You trip, you fall, you get back up (or risk being trampled on!). You stop to catch your breath. Or maybe you choose to take a little break to enjoy the scenery or walk alongside a friend. The race goes on. The course has been mapped out. The finish line, or goal, remains … whether you are actively persevering, or not.

The coach is not there to do the work for you, but the coach is present. To guide you. To push you. To walk alongside you and give you the courage to Keep Moving Forward. Best of all, to celebrate your success and then help you to set a new goal.

At the start of a race, you never really know what is going to happen. You can plan, you can train, you can predict. You can also expect to get “stuck” along the way. And that’s when I encourage you to reach out. You are not alone.

Need help reaching your next level of health? Whether you are struggling to get to your ideal weight, hit your personal best race time, manage your illness, or recover from a life-changing event, let me be a guiding force to keep you on course. Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 704-957-9341 or reach out to me at




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